If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, the idea of a first date makes you nauseated.

Staying at home and drawing yourself a bubble bath is a guaranteed good night.
But, in the back of your mind you really crave the Nicholas Sparks romance. As much as I wish this to be true, you won’t meet your Noah in the bathroom.
So, first dates are a cruel necessity.
Here are some of my quirks to make dating a little easier and less awkward.
Boys, y’all can benefit from this advice too.

You will psych yourself out.
You dehumanize people this way.
Who cares if his hair is perfect, and who cares if his hair isn’t.
If you stalk back to his high school pictures and see fantastic abs, you expect that.
You’ll judge based on this stencil and possibly turn yourself off to a great guy who is maybe 10lbs heavier than he was in high school. And heaven help you if see a hot ex in his old profile pictures.

MAKE THE DATE ESCAPABLE if you don’t know the person that well.

Coffee dates, drink dates, icecream/fro-yo dates are great for this! There’s no sure way of knowing that you two will hit it off.

Say you realize 15 minutes in that he is batty. Now, you’ll have to sit through at least an hour of his complaining about his job, what his mom thinks about him, and his long list of ex’s.


And if he orders dessert, you are screwed, my friend.

But! On the other hand, if he’s great, just keep sitting at your booth and order a second drink.

Also, a perk to the coffee date is you leave an aura of mystery and depth. Don’t set aside a whole evening for someone you barely know; your time is too valuable.

Even if you just create this illusion and go home to your bubble bath, he’s left thinking Wow, she has something going on in her life and isn’t relying on me to make it interesting. Guys hate that kind of pressure.

TOUCH HIM right off the bat.
Now, this isn’t a full scale grope.

You’d be surprised the subtle changes our minds go through once the channel of physical contact is crossed.

Ways you could do this without seeming crazed is through compliments.

Chances are (hopefully) he put some thought into getting dressed, so toss him a bone and say his shirt is a great color, style, or just say you like it! Lightly brush your fingers across what you complimented…in a non-overly sexual way. Don’t forget to be a lady 🙂

He wants to impress you! A compliment will put him at ease and in turn, yourself.

Now, if you’re feeling bold, touch his arm and compliment his time at the gym, biceps, whatever. But, most importantly, be genuine!

If he looks like an alpaca died on him, just let it go.

If you go somewhere with a bar like a coffee shop, they have places that allow you to sit side by side. This way, you aren’t staring at each other.
Think about sports teams, if you are on opposite sides of the field then you don’t feel a connection to those people, but if you are sitting on a bench next to someone, you’re on the same team, the same level. You want the same date to go well.
If the conversation runs dry, you have somewhere to look. Also, this facilitates touch in a non suggestive way. Your arms could brush. If he says something coy, you could nudge him. Or, if you absolutely can’t stand to look at him, you don’t have to.

There is a perk to front facing though…^

BE AWARE OF YOUR CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS when there is activity around you.

Personally, I love talking (shocker), and rarely have a hard time finding something to say. So, I could opt for either a quiet walk with someone or have no problems competing with a busy environment  like a museum/mall type setting.

However, I know girls who run very dry in their conversation and need something around them to talk about. They should stick to a quiet museum or people watching at a semi busy cafe.

If you are a meek and deep soul, go for a walk in a calm public place or pick a corner booth, because the worst thing would be saying nothing at all because your voice is lost in the crowd.

Believe it or not girls, you have control of the date. If he asks you to dinner, kindly suggest coffee. First dates shouldn’t be sickening, they should be…Simple && Sweet
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