Hey Simple && Sweeties,

I know, Monday mornings are…well. Not only can they be a drag because they signify the official end of a weekend, but they can be used for good!

Many people start diets, exercise regimens or any other new mantra on a Monday!

Why not this one?

I’ve already captured your attention this far. Don’t waste a click, and just hear me out.

Look back on last week. What did you do? Did you go out of your way to make life better for someone else?

What is the purpose of my life?

Ok, too heavy too quick? Sorry!

The beauty of life is how many fresh starts we get. Sure some people get more Mondays than others, but this one right here, this day, this fresh start is yours…and 8 trillion other peoples’, but that’s beside the point.

You can’t see a major change in just one day. Take dieting for example. It takes many days and many little steps to see an improvement in the quality of your health.

With this in mind, I’ve created a short checklist (feel free to add or revise any) of things I’m doing that have truly made my days richer.

#1 Get Up Early

Don’t roll your eyes and hit that back arrow!

The only way you’ll make the most of your day is by giving yourself a full day!

Even if your first class doesn’t start until 10am or you work from home, getting up with the sunrise is a beautiful experience if you’d just let yourself enjoy it.

Have you ever been up before the sunrise and walked around? It’s almost magical. You feel like the only person alive and it gives a serenity, a clarity to the soul.

Need help tricking your body into waking up early? Reset your biological clock here.

#2 Take A Moment

This is where you can pray, meditate, just express gratitude.

If you aren’t the religious type, don’t think you can skip this step!

There’s a beauty in expressing gratitude.

I’m not the type to pray for things to happen because I believe in a master plan. It’s almost futile in my mind really, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to pray.

Start with meditating/praying upon this gratitude: your consciousnesses.

You can read my words and formulate thoughts! Isn’t that kinda awesome that you can do that!? You hear my voice right now without hearing a sound!

That “ah” that you’re feeling, hold it. Just close your eyes and say thanks to whomever you believe in (yes, science && biology can be thanked too).

Daily Checklist To Make Everyday Worth Living Pin2

#3 Do Something Productive

Getting out of bed technically counts, but you know I mean something more than that.

You know that huge To-Do list we all have: clean the garage, clean out my closet, wash the car, take the dog to the groomers etc

Break it up into a longer list of tasks that take 15-30 mins.

Tackle one thing a day whether it is going through a single box in the garage, or taking the dog to the groomers while doing the grocery shopping.

Taking a bit of time throughout the week to clean the garage still leaves you with a clean garage and a freer Saturday.

Need some help doing it in the morning, Here’s a link to My Morning Routine

Lazy Person's Morning Routine

#4 Feed The Spirit

He (or she) with the heart of a child never grows old.

Do something that makes your heart happy.

Don’t look for the logic or productivity in this thing you do.

Bake some healthy cookies or

Sunflower Cookies Cover

Make a Sharpie Mug.

Dishwasher safe sharpie mug

Just do something that makes you feel a tinge of creative giddiness.

#5 Feed The Mind && Soul

This doesn’t have to be a religious activity per se, just read a chapter of a self help book.

What is lacking in your life? What do you want to learn more about?

Nobody is perfect, but the person who doesn’t at least strive for self betterment will never improve.

Just 10-15 mins is all you need to capture a thought and run with it!

Listen to a Ted Talk or a Wanderlust Speakeasy while you drive to work!

Here is what I’m listening to, and it will constantly grow as my own awareness grows!

Follow me on YouTube (being a blogger I’m practically everywhere social media-esque)

#6 Share the Light

In other words, the light, the kindness, the spiritual ease that you are trying to bring into your own life, share that.

If you made cookies, share some extra with someone.

Call a friend just to ask how they are and don’t ask a single favor of them.

Offer to help someone overcome something that is holding them back, ex: packing for a move, inviting them to a church service etc. 

Any gesture no matter how small or unappreciated is a reflection on your character, so do it! Pass it on!

Heck, if you think sharing this blog if you think it will bring light to their life. (just scroll down to the “sharing is sexy” area && spread the love)

#7 Get Some Sunlight

Garden, walk to your mailbox, just get outside.

It’s amazing how much better you feel when you leave the stale air of structure. && Vitamin D comes from the sun!

Yeah, no need to elaborate more on this idea.

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 #8 Make Someone Else Smile

If you like the barista’s makeup, tell her!

If your buddy has been working out, humor him and tell him you see a change in his arms or energy level!

A compliment as simple as saying a color looks good on someone is enough to make someone smile.

Happiness is contagious, if they smile, you’ll smile!

Just keep all compliments genuine!

#9 Move Your Body

Ugh….Sarah, you had me until you brought up exercise…

Clarification: I just said move!

Play music in the shower and *carefully* jam out!

Cook with music on and let yourself *carefully* rock around the kitchen.

Instead of going to a sit down bar with your friends on the weekend, go to a club.

Just move 🙂


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