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There’s a difference between getting up in the morning and being a morning-person.

Sweet Baby Jesus, if you all read My Night Owl to Early Bird Post, I’m sure you figured out that I’m NOT a morning person.

Not Morning Person

Yet, anyone who has had an early morning knows that it really stretches out your day and allows you to be way more productive.

This is not for everyone. Some people are blessed and function within 15mins of waking up, but here is my morning routine for people who don’t have that super power.

1.) Own the Night.

Chances are if you aren’t a morning person, your peak productivity time is 11pm-2am.

Harness this by saving yourself time in the morning and doing some things at night.

Night Before to-do list:

Set an alarm in the bathroom.

Wear workout wear to bed.

Ladies, set out your makeup

Just my preference, shower at night.

2.) Ease into the Morning.

Wake up

5:00am: Plan a snooze.

If you sleep through your alarm, set several at increasing volumes.

My first alarm is actually at 4:45, but the first one i actually hear is at 5am. It’s a nice piano solo, just a nudge to softly say, hey…wrap your mind around the idea. 

The second is a fun song I’m currently obsessed with, My House by Flo Rida. Shocking that I like it, but that’s 5:00 am for you.


3.) Jump into a Productive Space.

Set your loudest alarm somewhere you have to get up to turn off. Great productive spaces could be the kitchen or bathroom.

5:30 am: Bolt out of bed because the iHome in the bathroom goes off.

Play something catchy and set it on loud so that you can’t ignore it.

4.) Center Your Thoughts

Center Your Thoughts

Weird and potentially icky as it may sound, I have a little notebook in my bathroom as well as several other spirals scattered throughout my apartment. When you’re going about your business, it’s a great time to think about your  day and all that you have ahead of you.

Write it all down.

5:45 am: Do your thing, brush your teeth, tie your tennis.

Do what you need to to get ready to work out.

5.) Plan a Workout You’ll Be Excited About Able to Deal With.

You guys can run, do a video on DailyBurn, or even troll YouTube for some free workouts too! Be sure that you don’t get overly ambitious with your workout because your aspirations at 6pm and 6am are very different! It’s easier to get up and convince yourself to take a yoga class vs run five miles.

Morning workout

6:00 am: Workout time!

For me, I just walk. I’ve got a killer playlist or audiobook set up, and I take an hour to go around campus.

I’ll have some great morning workout suggestions here later 😉

6.) Look Good Feel Good

7:00 am: Quick body shower.

As a girl,I hate dealing with wet hair in the morning. But if you sweat, a body shower is a simple 10min compromise.

7:15 am: Dress, hairstyle, make over

Ladies, this is where not having wet hair and laying out your makeup saves you time.

You could even lay out your clothes the night before.

Lay Out Makeup

Another reason I love laying out all of my makeup before I use it is because it’s like cleaning. Every time you use something, you put it back. Voila, added productivity!

7.) Momma’s Golden Rule

Don’t skip breakfast ya’ll. It’s the best way to give your metabolism a kick start.

7:45 am: Mini breakfast.

Coffee and an apple is great for boosting metabolism, and it’s easy to take on the go.

Later, I’ll find a few recipes that will be quick and easy.

7:50  am: Out the door!

Luckily I live 10 mins from campus so I can cut it tight to the 8-o-clock hour.


Ease Into Morning


So, this is the guide to my productive morning. I hope it helps you guys. Feel free to adjust times and activities as nessisary. If you want to get dressed from head to toe and sneak in a prolonged walk around campus/your office building beforehand, feel free! The main thing is to know what you want to accomplish and make a realistic routine you can build upon later.

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