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The blog is now top on my priority list again……along with studying for my LSAT, a new research position in the oceanography department && everything else that keeps me a functional human in society.

I promise, it’s up there!

I realized how much I’ve been slacking in Fashion && Style! But worry not friends, Amazon has hooked me up!

I LERV this look!


And, get this…it’s $17. Yeah, this set is under $20!

I was skeptical at first because there were mixed reviews.

Before ordering, imagine the garment on yourself.

It does run a little on the small side, so I ordered a large. Thank God I did because the fit is perfect! The shorts aren’t booty shorts and the crop top only becomes a crop top when I stretch (which is flattering for my soft abs) and hides the pouch when I sit.

I actually scarfed down a couple of tacos in this outfit and got a phone number from the waiter! This is officially top on my heck-yeah outfit list!

I paired it with a pair of white wedges (also from Amazon, thanks guys!) that are true to size.


{ Two-piece Set }


{ White Wedge Sandals }

I hope you all love this outfit as much as I do. It definitely has earned the Simple && Sweet seal of approval!


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