At The Simple && Sweet Co., we strive to promote quality, ethical, and sustainable clothing. We understand that every dollar spent is an endorsement for an industry practice. Companies NEVER pay us for a review*. We serve as a resource to keep the working girl in fashion while keeping her impact as beautiful as her new dress. Deny the convenience of ‘fast fashion’ and keep global trade healthy for children, women, and the environment. Demand ethics and the world will supply harmony.

*Companies may send complementary products to be tested for quality. However, if a product fails to meet the standards of The Simple && Sweet Co., we reserve the right to refuse to feature the item(s). Compensation for the review may be accepted but never before the quality assessment. We aim to value morals over monetary gain.


Sorry, due to the shift in direction, old posts have been deleted as they cannot be verified as ethical nor sustainable.

New Posts Coming June 2017