Hey all,

So please bear with me. I don’t want the title of this post to cause you to think I’ve converted into some barefoot granola-crunching hippie with hairy pits and a PETA picket-sign.

I live in Texas where the words ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’ are often times synonymous to ‘bullshit’. I know the same healthy ‘calories in, calories’ diet things you do. I eat animals (because death is a part of reality but that humane-omnivore conversation is for another time), I try to stay in fashion, and I like the independence that comes with driving my car. I want you to remember I’m just like you, human. Namaste, y’all!

Now that that is established, lately, I’ve had a bit of a “coming-to-Jesus” moment (which feels funny to say being a Universalist/ Omnist). Graduation is two months away which means bonafide adulthood is just around the corner. I’ve talked to many of my geoscience professors to see what options a young geoscience major has in the world. I initially was searching for alternatives to ‘going into industry’ which if you weren’t aware, oil and gas jobs are the majority of jobs geology majors are told about. They aren’t the only ones available, btw.

One professor  took note of my henna meditation body art. It’s a band around my forearm of mountains and pine trees. Once you start getting me started on meditation, yoga, and Wanderlust, the conversation possibilities are endless.

Just to clarify, Wanderlust is a huge music festival like Cochella, but there is yoga and motivational talks instead of recreational drugs and recklessness.

We spent a couple hours talking about how deviant we have become as a society from the laws of nature. I found a passion in the conversation’s topics that I have not had in a long time.

For law school applications, I had to write a personal statement; and at the time, I knew I was passionate about The S&&S Co. However, what made The S&&S Co. different from other blogs? Does what I write help people?

Essentially, I’ve come to realize that I want to make the words Human and Humane synonymous.

Quick facts that opened my eyes to the harsh realities of the world:

  • The clothing you are wearing was probably assembled by a child or exploited worker working for pennies an hour.
  • The food you eat could be contributing to a bigger percentage of your carbon footprint than your car does.
  • Paper-less is actually adding CO2 to the atmosphere. It’s actually worse for the planet.
  • Irresponsible grain feeding harms the digestive process of herbivores and causes pain and suffering for the animal.
  • Organic, fair trade, sustainable and biodynamic products are overlooked because the benefits of those practices are overlooked or not fully understood.

Everyday we are unaware of how our daily routine effects others. I want to take an analytic eye to things and try to sort through the bullshit. I’m going to look at veganism, fossil fuels, fair trade, organic, and the like in a non-biased, knowledge-seeking, no spin manner. What are we actually doing with this one life, this one planet? && How can we make it count for more?

That being said, you’ll be seeing a lot of tweeks with pre-existing content and formatting, so be patient please please 🙂

Also, have questions about living simply and sweetly?Blog ideas? Email them to sarah.simple.and.sweet@gmail.com or leave a comment below!

Peace be with you!

Sarah <3

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