The Simple && Sweet Co. welcome your concerns, comments and collaborations.

For Concerns && Comments:

If something has struck you as either funny and brilliant or, offensive and controversial, don’t hesitate to contact Sarah via email at Be sure to include the nature of your correspondence in the subject line! Example: Post ABC was hilarious. Subject should read: Feedback on ABC. Or, Post ABC was upsetting. Subject should read :Concern with content in ABC.

For Collaborations:

Oh, yay! I love these! Email with Collaboration for _______ in the subject. I will email you a standardized letter with how I run collaboration deals. Just as a disclaimer, I cannot be paid for promotions of products and services (at this time The S&&S Co. is not a cash-flow company).  I endorse based on quality of product/service and in return, there is a synergistic marketing relationship. Examples are as follows (and will be elaborated on in the letter) “If the product is given complimentary to S&&S, anytime the product is used to create a blog or vlog, the brand will be given credit and a redirecting  link will be attached so interested followers will have simple access to the product”.