Hey Simple && Sweeties,

I feel like I’ve been asleep this Spring. It’s Summer already!

For a college student like me, this means summer classes and moving to a new apartment.

I’ve been cleaning EVERYTHING.

I never really gave much thought to the cleaners I was using on my floors until I noticed that Tars (my cat) would dart upstairs when he saw the Lysol can.

He stayed downstairs napping the other day, and when I was done cleaning, his eyes were teary. Then I (being a lame geek) started reading up on what I could do to still clean my apartment without slowly torturing my cat in the process.


I’ve used it several times on my vinyl ‘wood’ floors and I love it.

It makes the house smell fabulous. Tars will lay on the floor after it dries and pur instead of darting away.

The best part is that I already had everything I needed in my pantry.


The only thing I didn’t have was essential oil.

I’ve never really been into the hyped-up curative therapeutic thing, so essential oils were never something that I thought to spend money on.

I ordered this ‘starter’ set of sorts from Amazon.Com for about $12.


{ Similar $12 Set }

Unfortunately, this set is discontinued, but Calily makes a $12 set with the exact oils.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway. I’ll quit trying to turn you into  a shopaholic and get on with the measurements 🙂

Here’s the recipe!


Because my castile soap was already infused with lavender essential oil, I decided to use the Lavender && Eucalyptus essential oils.

It’s suppose to have a calming effect.

Lavender and Eucalyptus

Now whether this calming effect has anything to do with my recent desire to just sit on my couch with Homemade Sunflower Cookies, drink tea, and binge watch Sailor Moon, idk. It smells fabulous and that’s good enough for me.

And all Tars does is lay on the floor now, so I think he’s happy too.

Hope you and your furry family enjoy this Simple && Sweet home cleaner!

As always,



Pet Friendly Multipurpose Cleaner Pin

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