Quickshop this look:

{ Romper }{ Sunglasses }{ Fossil Earrings }{ Fossil Necklace }{ Jessica Simpson Purse }{ CL Nude Heels }

Hey Simple && Sweeties,

I hope everyone had a fabulous July 4th! I spent my weekend in a historic cemetery and had a great date. Not at the same time of course haha.

Don’t worry, like the rest of my experiences, I’ll share my major life lessons as I figure them out myself. I think I’ve learned the most about myself by going on random road trips by myself and dating. Can anyone else relate? It’s not the best for my gas budget or my heart but hey, that’s life. You won’t be in the dark about my self-discovery and travels for much longer. It’s just hard translating emotion into words but I’ll get around to it soon!

But let’s look at what you originally clicked here for!

I’ve been so excited to show y’all this look for a while. If you’ve been following me on snapchat or instagram, you’ve seen a few sneak peeks. That’s just because I’m so excited; I couldn’t wait.

Can you believe I threw this together in one morning? Oh yeah, it’s that simple. And the pieces are incredibly versatile!

Let’s break it down!



Quickshop the accessories: 

{ Sunglasses }{ Fossil Earrings }{ Fossil Necklace }{ Jessica Simpson Purse }{ CL Nude Heels }

I’m starting with these because this is honestly my favorite part of getting dressed is the accessories!

A cupcake without icing is just a muffin after all.

Head to toe let’s go!


{ Fossil Earrings }{ Fossil Necklace }

My Review:

I can’t get enough of Fossil products. My mom has some of their purses and jewelry sets from when she was my age and they still look brand new.

This set is timeless and classic.

It goes well with everything and gives just enough femininity to an outfit without making a statement.

It also comes in blue and silver!





{ Sunglasses }{ Jessica Simpson Purse }

My Review:

The Jessica Simpson bag is incredibly well made!

The size is amazing because it fits my Galaxy Note 4, and that’s an accomplishment!

There’s a metallic strip in the front incase you missed that detail.

Speaking of details, I’m in love with the gold accents. They are sturdy and promise to wear well!

My Review:

I first saw these glasses in silver on another blogger’s site. I wish I remembered who so I can give them credit, but all of the hype about them being fabulous is true!

They are sturdy and have enough uniqueness to command attention without being obnoxious.


{ CL Nude Heels }

My Review: 

I cannot express how much I love these shoes.

They aren’t ridiculously tall so it gives a 5’2 girl like me a chance to look half the population in the eye.

It’s real wood and leather, so the quality is there. But that just goes with Chinese Laundry products.

They are incredibly comfortable. They don’t put my foot in a ridiculous angle nor do they rub.

I was able to walk across my college campus and was totally stable on uneven surfaces!

They also come in black and brown. I would know because I ordered those too haha!



{ Romper }

My Review:

I love this romper because the colors were truer than what was advertised online.

It doesn’t come with the cami, and it definitley needs one, but that’s a non-issue.

The legs don’t gape, so my bottom is safe from gusts of wind.

I’m 5’2, size 6, 130lb and I ordered a large because they said it ran small. I think I could have gotten away with a medium, but I’m so happy with it!

I hope you guys liked this outfit. I’ve had so much fun putting it together for y’all.

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See you soon!

As always,



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