Howdy Simple && Sweeties,

Yes, odd way to greet, I know. That’s just how we do it here at Texas A&M whoop!

I’m fast approaching my senior year here, and I’m finally figuring a lot out. Which stinks because in a few months, I’ll be in a law school somewhere else.

One thing I’ve finally figured out is my game-day look.

Full View

Here in Texas, it’s stupidly hot! My first football game (as a naive freshman), I wore jeans and a long sleeve A&M shirt.

I thought I was smart in protecting myself from the sun, but gawd it was excruciating! While I was saving myself from skin-cancer, I was now at risk of a heatstroke! Which seems like a lateral move tbh.

I looked at what everyone else was doing, and I saw a field of maroon sun dresses. I NEEDED one of those…like a hole in my wallet. Little did I know when I started shopping for them, they’re over $50!

Ain’t no college student have money for that!

I’m a girly girl (if y’all couldn’t already figure that out lol). I didn’t want to just wear denim shorts and a jersey, so after 3 years of struggles compromising fashion for comfort, I figured it out.

Amazon Fashion

I know, I’m an Amazon Affiliate and I’m paid to endorse this stuff, but really, hear me out!

Close Up

This outfit is perfect, and it won’t break the bank! Plus, since I get a discounted AmazonPrime as a student, that’ll score me free 2-day shipping!

Let’s break it down 🙂

The Romper && Bralette

*Front View*


{ Maroon Romper } ♥ { Similar Bralette 1 } ♥ {Similar Bralette 2 }

This romper is UNDER $20!!!!!

That’s half or a quarter of a gameday dress you’d find in the college boutiques!

Sorry guys, I bought this bralette from VS on sale last season, but I found 2 that are similar.

*Back view*


Another thing I love about this romper (gross as this may sound, it’s a legitimate issue) is that if you sweat, it won’t show in your armpits!

&& Whoops, I forgot to take off my FitBit Charge for this picture haha. I love this little thing. Best investment I’ve ever made in my health.

Aaaaaaanyway, onto my favorite part…

The Accessories

Accessories Overview

{ Similar Fossil Crossbody }

For those of you following me on snapchat (hey, follow me sarah.berlanga1, I’ll actually snap you back…maybe), you know I’m very into these sunnies. They’re unusual and UNDER $15!!!

Start the trend in your area!!!

&& What kind of geology major would I be without a marble shard necklace!

It comes in blue also which I was so tempted to get btw.

Accessories close up

{ Rose && Gold Sunglasses }{ Marble Shard Necklace }


{ Chinese Laundry Wedges }

Full Body

Here’s one last look!

Even if you aren’t a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, this outfit is perfect for summer 🙂

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I hope you find this Simple && Sweet!

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