Hey Simple && Sweeties!

I know my recipes have all been on the Paleo side, but that’s because good food is supposed to be Simple && Sweet!

I could channel my inner Paula D/Pioneer Woman and throw butter on everything I deep fry, but anytime I do that, I need a nap immediately afterward.

Ain’t nobody got time for that; am I right?

Because I’m a college student that is over-committed and involved in everything, I’m always on the go and my energy levels need to stay up! I was telling my workout buddy, Rachel, that the only reason I’m still functional despite spending hours on a computer and getting -4 hours sleep every night is because I’m healthy in every other aspect in my life.

If you eat highly processed foods or skip your 30 mins of daily slow cardio, you’re seriously short-changing your potential!

But my shpeal is over, I’m lecturing you because I care, I swear.

Honey Rasperry Salmon Paleo Pin

Cliffnotes version: eating Simple && Sweet level of healthy recopies will leave you energized and ready to tackle your day. 

Also, this one in particular is sooooooo easy. Like, it’s almost too easy for the level of culinary recognition you’ll get if you cook this for a date, your family, or you could impress your parents when they come visit and all the restaurants are packed.

This dish is perfect for people who hate the smell of fish as well! My house has never smelled better than when this was cooking. Surprising for fish, no?

Note: You can just make the salmon portion if you aren’t into shrimp and mango. Because it is summer, I decided to pair the salmon with other light summer flavors. Other sides could be, pasta, salad, steamed veggies etc.

Prep Time: 15 mins

Yield: Serves 1

Cook Time: 15Mins




1/4 Cup Raspberries

2 Lemons

6oz Salmon

2Tbsp Honey( or Agave Nectar)

15 Medium Shrimp

1 Mango

Step 1


Heat the pan to medium heat and spray Pam or coconut oil to prevent sticking if the pan isn’t non-stick. Squeeze lemon juice on your salmon. For extra flavor, throw half of the lemon wedges in with the salmon and let them release their oils into the fish. Feel free to salt it, but I didn’t think it was necessary. Once the bottom portion is pale pink half way up, flip it.


Step 2HoneyRaspberrySalmon3

While the fish is cooking, make the honey raspberry drizzle. Smash the raspberries with a fork and add the honey. If the fish is still needing more time to cook halfway through, take this moment to cube the mango.



Step Three


Once the Salmon is ready to be flipped, add the drizzle, shrimp and for aesthetics, some whole raspberries. When the salmon is cooked, turn the stove down to low heat and cover. This will capture the moisture and ensure that the salmon is cooked thoroughly in the center. It also infuses the moisture with the essence of the honey, raspberry and lemon.


Step 4HoneyRaspberrySalmon6

Lay the bed of mango. Feel free to drizzle this with honey, Tajin, lemon, or just leave it alone. Remove the lemon rinds from the salmon and top the mango with it. Serve with wedged lemon and let your audience and yourself be amazed at how amazing of a chef you are!

Honey Raspberry Salmon Paleo

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