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Unless you are all taking summer classes, chances are you will slowly lose touch. Out of sight out of mind is a real thing, sad as that may be.

However, you can change that!

Clearly, you don’t want to lose touch, and are willing to at least take the effort to find ways to reach out. Here are some fun things I do to keep my close college friends a part of my life when we’re on opposite ends of the state.

1.) Start a group chat!

This is great for sharing funny pictures, dieting together, or just sharing what’s new with your love life (or in my case, lack thereof…ha)

If you don’t all have iMessage, use groupme!

2.) Keep a streak on SnapChat!

Did you know there is a new feature on SnapChat that counts how many consecutive days you snap a person? This is great to just pop in and say hey even if it is only two or three minutes out of your day!

If that seems too intense for a packed schedule, just watch thier stories. We all do check (don’t lie) who watches our stories. If you think they look nice or are doing something awesome, swipe up on the chat option and drop a compliment. It’ll take a minute, and you’ll make their day!

3.) Call them once a week!

Make that part of your Sunday routine!

My mom always calls a family member after church on Sundays just to check in and remind them that they’re in her thoughts. It’s a fantastic way to keep yourself dedicated to keep in touch when you incorporate it into a routine.

If you have to drive somewhere that will take more than 15 mins, turn down the music and call someone!

4.) Have Skype or OOVO dates!

You can eat dinner together once a week, or every night. You can even talk on the treadmill if you want to be virtual workout buddies.

5.) Be virtual workout buddies!

If you two used to walk together in the mornings, keep that up! Call each other to wake up the other person. Snap them the view of the sunrise! or, like I mentioned, talk while you walk.

Stay in Touch with College Friends Over Summer

6.) Be Penpals!

Don’t you get so excited when something comes in the mail? Well, instead of dropping some serious change on a new wardrobe, spend a few cents to send each other letters. You can still text and what not, but try it out! Send pressed flowers, photos, basically anything you’d be willing to ship.

Surprised as our generation may be, snail mail is still a thing 🙂

7.) Send each other articles (like this one) on Pinterest, Facebook etc!

Make it a goal to tag one friend in any funny post you share.

8.) Or, mix and match!

The first step in maintaining a friendship is realizing that it is worth maintaining! You’ve already taken that step so don’t waste that effort. Try these out and share the article with the friend(s) on your mind right now!

Best of luck everyone on finals! I know I’m struggling. Y’all just keep your heads up and we will survive this together!

Happy Summer Holidays to y’all and I’ll see you back here on The Simple && Sweet Co. with more soon.

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