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Living alone with a cat, I deal with a litter-box, a slow accumulating trashcan and a sink of dirty dishes. Yeah, things aren’t always the best smelling under these conditions, but who ever has the ideal, ideal home? I have a full life and a somewhat messy house, whoops. If I had 27 hours in a day, maybe I’d have time to keep everything pristine. So instead of be a slave to my chores, I religiously use(d) fabreze. 

But, does anyone else ever wonder what is in a can of Febreze? 

Ingredients: Odor Eliminator, water, fragrance, non flammable propellant, etc…

In Sarah-speak, all I’m hearing is chemicals chemicals chemicals. What is in odor eliminator and fragrance?! These ingredient labels need ingredients for their ingredients!

There has got to be a better way right? Well, after some Pinterest searching and scouting out other natural wellness bloggers, I discovered the simmer pot.

The whole concept behind this is analogous to the great smell when you’re cooking because that’s the general idea. You’re stewing natural ingredients and filling your home with the essence of Earth-produced goodness.

A Simmer Pot is essentially a pot of boiling water with spices, extracts, oils and/or other natural ingredients.

Simmer Pot

How: Bring the pot to a boil on your stove, add ingredients of your choosing. Once the fragrance fills your home, cover and bring it down to a simmer.

Quick PSA, don’t leave the oven on if nobody is home to monitor it.

Basically a sweet smelling stew! It’s that simple.

Here are a few ingredients that are great for simmering:


All Spice

Almond Extract

Apples (wasted cores finally have a use!!!)


Bay leaves

Cinnamon Sticks


Coffee Beans


Essential Oils




Green Tea



Lemons && limes

Mint (Spearmint)


Pinecones and Needles

Pumpkin rind

Rose Petals (don’t throw away your old bouquets!)


Vanilla Extract

And many more….

Simmer Pot2

If you like the way it smells, throw it in there. My house currently smells like cinnamon, almond extract, and lemon. What? I like to experiment; and odd as it sounds, it’s pretty terrific!

You can make your own signature home fragrance by picking a couple of things off the list above and letting it simmer while you go about other aspects of your day.

And the great thing about simmer pots aside from being all natural, they give use to parts of things that you were going to throw away! Your kids don’t like apple peels? Have some orange rinds on hand? Made lemonade and have all these left over lemons with no use?! Now you can get more out of your grocery budget and save at least $5-$10 a month on air fresheners.

And when you’re done, you can freshen your sink by disposing it in the garbage disposal!

Simmer Pot Ingredients Pin
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