Hey Simple && Sweeties,

So this page is supposed to tell you about the lovely human that is Sarah Ann Berlanga.

21-years of life experiences, transgressions, relationships, thoughts, emotions and I now have to summarize which of those have shaped me into the creature photographed on this site and then write a paragraph. No biggie haha.

Here’s a little background. I call the chaparal-esque nature of southwest Texas home. The blood of several nations run through my veins, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Native American, England and Eastern European. Needless to say when I apply for something, I check the “Two or More Rraces/Other” box because just plain “American” still isn’t an option regardless of the ‘race’ myth being debunked.

My mother is beautiful and my father is precious. They raised me Catholic and made sure my childhood was full of magic.

And just like any princess, I still love playing dress-up, cooking, and making music with my animal sidekick. I like to think  of myself as a ukulele-playing, post-haircut Rapunzel, dreaming of a Pocahontas life. Oh yeah, as you’ve probably deduced by the theme of the blog, I may be a ‘hippie’.

I am an INFJ, so the desire to save the world is almost literally programmed into my being. Despite being an introvert, I have an insatiable desire to jive with other souls on a deeper level. I’m always open to expanding my tribe, so if you want to talk, let’s! (Warning: I don’t respond well to small talk and sexual advances)

This email, sarah.simple.and.sweet@gmail.com, is directly connected to my phone and is an easy way to slide into my life. Tell me about a post you liked or didn’t, offer suggestions or just send me something funny!

Want to see my life through the lens of my phone? Add me on snapchat, sarah.berlanga1, where you can watch a daily mini-blog of randomness. I also have one of those Instagram things all the young people are talking about, sarah.simple.and.sweet

Well, that’s a summary in a nutshell. Go check out my Manifesto to find out the why && what behind The Simple && Sweet Co.

Aloha && Namaste,