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Just because I’m on my own doesn’t mean I’ve allowed myself to down zebra cakes and cosmo brownies by the fist-full like my 6 year old self imagined I would in college.Don’t scrunch your face at me. I can’t be the only overgrown kid that fantasized about eating all the candy I want when I go to college.

Well, maybe freshman year I did cheat a lot, hence the 15lb predicament I’ve found myself struggling with the past 3 years.

It’s dawned on me that the real world is fast approaching. People my age are starting to get married, I can be tried as an adult for crimes (not that I intend to commit any haha), benefits are something you look for in a job and not with friends.

Gah, I’m going to stop now. This is getting sad.

My point being: I need to start my adulthood eating healthy and taking care of myself.

Sunflower Cookies Pin

Right now it seems like everyone around me is either Netflix-binging, drinking insane amounts of alcohol, or pulling all night zombie study seshs.

What a way to kill your youth, am I right?

Being healthy doesn’t have to mean starting your own botanical garden in your dorm and juicing everything you harvest. It doesn’t mean spending eight hours in the gym or going to bed at 8:30 like a 2nd grader either.

Perfect health is finding the harmony between what is good for your spirit and body.

Which is how I came to create these cookies.

Sunflower Cookies7

Sweet= Good for my young soul.

Paleo= Good for my body.

Yield: 15 cookies

Prep Time: 10mins

Bake time: 8-10 for soft, 10-12 for crispy

Calories Per Cookie: 85

Sunflower Cookies1


1/2 cup Sunflower seed Butter*

1/2 cup Coconut Palm Sugar

(or Brown Sugar if you aren’t Paleo)

1 Egg White

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

Optional: 1 Tbsp Sunflowerseeds

*True paleo people, read the labels and make sure there is no added sugar. SunButter does contain sugar*

Step 1:

Preheat Your oven to 350 F.

Step 2:

Add your 4 ingredient in this order, sugar, butter, baking soda, then egg white.

Sunflower Cookies2

Just as a little sidenote. You can use white sugar, but just be forewarned, your cookies will be green.

Sunflower seeds have a lot of chlorophyll in them.When they are heated, they will turn green.

This is totally healthy, you won’t turn green or anything.

It’s just more appealing to have golden brown cookies than hulk cookies haha.

&& coconut palm sugar is lower glycemic so you won’t have crazy cravings afterwards.

Sunflower Cookies3

If you add the sugar first, then you can use the same measuring cup for the butter. The other way will be a mess if you try to use one cup.

Fewer dirty dishes!

Sunflower Cookies4

Then add the baking soda and egg white.

Mix to your heart’s content!

Step 3:

Use a teaspoon to divide up the dough onto the parchment paper.

For the cookies to be 85 calories each, you have to make 15!

For other batch sizes using this amount of ingredients, divide 1,275 by  the number of cookies made.

Sunflower Cookies5Step 4:

If you want to get fancy, take a tablespoon of sunflower seeds and press a pinch into the tops (calories are factored into the 85)

I know there’s no science to support this, but when food looks good, it just tastes better.Sunflower Cookies6

And heck don’t those just look fabulous!

Step 5:

Put them in the oven.

For softer cookies stay closer to the 8-10 min mark, and for crispier cookies, leave them in no more than 5 mins longer.

The egg whites give them an airy kind of crisp that goes great with coffee btw. I’ll have a few with my Paleo Coffee Creamer.

Sunflower Cookies Cover Pin

I know you guys will love these as much as I do!

I had some health food phobic friends come over and ate my entire batch!

They are definitely, Simple && Sweet.

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