Thank God I finally have a couple of weeks to enjoy myself-ish.

My LSAT is coming up, && that still needs studying for, but aside from that, my time is mine to feed my mind, body && soul.

One way I hope to do that is by knocking out some books that have been on my ever growing to-read list.

Some of these books may be odd for a college 20-something to want to read, but that’s why I’m sharing this list with you.

I’ve been rummaging around my crazy mind a lot here lately, &&  have decided that there is so much more to the world than what is in my narrow scope.

Think about how much differently the world would work if instead of guarding yourself against the differences you don’t understand, you are curious && are open to exploring that idea.

This is as simple as trying a new restaurant or pulling an Eat, Pray, Love-eque jaunt through a different country.

Well, being a college student, my travel fund fits in a mason jar && is more metal than paper. instead of physically traveling, I’m going to explore through these books!

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Motivational/To Fuel My Dreams



Spiritual Reads




Because I’m A Natural Health Freak


This is definitely a cheaper way to broaden your horizons than gallivanting over the European and Asian continent. &&, it’ll keep me from rotting my mind with an endless stream of Netflix

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Hope you found this Simple && Sweet!

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Summer Reading List1

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