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As I’m sure you’re aware, social media isn’t the way of the future. It is the way of the present.

A Facebook page helped start the Egyptian Revolution, Greenpeace is using Reddit to save whales, and the ability to post videos on YouTube is facilitating social reform. It also has cat videos. What a wonderful world.

Where do you, the college graduate/ young professional come in?

I heard a statistic that 93% of recruiters are using social media accounts to screen potential candidates. Whether that number is accurate or not, it’s very likely that the majority of companies are using it.

Which sites do they use?




“Well  the joke is on them, I’m not on social media.” Some might say.

Another (highly likely) statistic is that 60% of recruiters who can’t find you will overlook you and give an interview to someone they can find.

Social media gives them a taste of who you are and is essentially a personal resume. Are you interesting, worldly, and informed? Or are you (passive) aggressive, controversial, and small minded?

Even if the recruiters don’t pre-screen you, a majority of them will pull you up during the interview! I have friends who have graduated recently to become recruiters and they all admit to doing it.

Your Facebook is now a visual aid to your interview. How proper is your social etiquette?

Content, Content, Content

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself these questions before posting.

  • Is there an interest for this?
    • Did you get your 2846306th latte from Starbucks, or are you sharing something that is genuinely interesting?
  • Will this be offensive? Could I say this in person to a person/community?
    • Do you really want to spread pain or end it with you?
  • Is my Facebook/Twitter/etc the most effective platform for the information?
    • Don’t have a full blown personal conversation online when you could text each other. Inside jokes make you look like a dope and don’t encourage friendship with others on the outside.
  • Did I spell check? Is there idiot-Klingon involved? Profanity?
    • Your boss may not respond the same way as other millennials to phrases like “on fleek”, “yolo”, “fomo”, “totes”, and “on point” much less more vulgar language.
  • How will this post age?
    • In two weeks, what will this post look like? What about in 2 months? 2 years?

In addition to content, there are other factors that should be considered when tailoring your profile.

Profile Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

“Look at that guy, he just looks like a…..” Ever hear your mom say that? There is something to say about personal expression, but there should be harmony between your Friday night you and Monday morning you. Stay away from cleavage, vices, and anything pertaining to the 7 deadly sins. Look like the guy/girl you wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a crowded bus. Use an image of yourself that shows you are approachable, competent, and youthful.

And for LinkedIn, aim for a neutral background and business attire in addition to the above guidelines.

Handle with Caution

LadiesMan69 and PunkBreath aren’t people you would feel comfortable giving control of a million dollar project. A handle is essentially the first portion of your email address and the ending of your social media url. Unfortunately, some of us chose these things when we were in a questionable point in our lives. I made it out with having my Facebook handle being Ms Julliard, a nickname I got for being artsy, which isn’t worth it (in my opinion) to overhaul my Facebook.

Show Me the Friends and I’ll Show You the (Wo)Man

Even on private settings, you can still see a person’s friends. It’s okay to leave friend requests pending. The same way you should be selective in choosing your friends in real life, you should be selective in choosing your friends online.

People May Not Remember What You Said, But They Will Remember How You Said It.

As a young professional, grammar is very important! If you cannot formulate a proper sentence, they will not rely on you to formulate a proper thought. Essentially, a sentence is a thought. If a recruiter or potential employer sees proper grammar, they will assume that’s how you speak in everyday conversation. Even if you use things like “Fleek”, “Dope”, and “YOLO” to express yourself, it may sound like idiot Klingon your boss. Imagine a dozen little mothers online waiting to like your pictures and anticipate a million CEOs analyzing every post you make. How would you phrase what you are about to say?

I hope this post helps you with your future business ventures!

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