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I’ve promised ya’ll this for a while now, but due to my indecisive, perfectionist nature it took me a while longer than anticipated to juxtapose this masterpiece I call #urbanologie. I recently moved into a place that prides itself on a refined, warehouse style ambiance. Though chic, it initially wasn’t my brand of chic. My complex sports silver exposed air ducts, brick walls, concrete floors. It was industrial to say the least, but the design challenge drew me in. I’m a girly-girl, but not the pink-all over Justin Beiber kind, so I tried creating a space that felt youthful, modern && classic.

Simple && Sweet Definition:

#Urbanologie (n), (adj.)

:is a mixture of exposed metals, brick work, neutrals, soft paired with geometric monochromatic textures, and a collection of sentimental pieces. 

In the words of Suzanne Kasler, (my interior design spirit animal)

“A room should feel collected, not decorated.”


And that is exactly what happened. Here are a few of the elements found on Amazon.Com (aka the antisocial shopper’s mecca) that you can use to inspire your own #urbanologie inspired bedroom.

Disclaimer: Because I already owned some of these elements from previous design seasons, I found links to similar items that are priced similarly and college student friendly.


{Agate Canvas} {Small Geometric Planters} {Large Geometric Planter} {Similar Faux Antler Mount} {Marble Wall Clock}

As you can see, I love my necklaces. Antler wall mounts are amazing jewelry hangers. And if you’re like me and terrible at keeping your pets from eating your precious plants, these geometric planters are perfect for the indoor gardener.


{12-Cube Organizer} {Similar Gold Nightstand}

Voila, my shoe library! My closet is a bit on the small side, so this way my shoes are displayed beautifully and stored out of the way! Also, the similar gold nightstand is actually a bar cart, but if you don’t assemble it with the wheels, its a cheaper version of my table!


{Scentsational Romantic Candle}


{Gold Geometric Pillow} {Gold Geometric Pillow 2} {Gold Geometric Pillow 3} {Gold Sequin Pillow}

{White Sequin Pillow} {White Comforter}

{Similar Beige Throw Blanket} {Similar White Faux Fur Throw} {Faux Croc Storage Ottoman}

Quick recap of all the links:

Agate Canvas

Small Geometric Planters

Large Geometric Planter

Similar Faux Antler Mount

Marble Wall Clock

12-Cube Organizer

Scentsational Romantic Candle

Similar Gold Nightstand

Gold Geometric Pillow

Gold Geometric Pillow 2

Gold Geometric Pillow 3

Gold Sequin Pillow

White Sequin Pillow

White Comforter

Similar Beige Throw Blanket

Similar White Faux Fur Throw

Faux Croc Storage Ottoman

Circular Faux Fur Rug

Faux Fur Rug 5×7


Another style tip-Ross, Marshalls, and Burkes are great places to find interesting affordable pieces. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve had fun sharing it with you. I’ll tackle my kitchen next for House && Home, so stay tuned.

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