Hey Simple && Sweeties,

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This is the first Valentine’s Day that I have a boyfriend, it’s so crazy. I’m writing this post in the cutest cabin in Oklahoma where we are having a weekend getaway with a few other couples. Who am I? When did I become one of those adults?

I’m loving it though.

This is my boyfriend Austin. I don’t think I’ve introduced him yet 🙂

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how I can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a non-obnoxious way, and I came up with this fun nail art idea.

I remember a few years back when this trend was all the rage. Instead of doing the full rainbow effect, why not make it a more subtle fade with Valentines shades?

Here are the shades I used!


Have you ever tried liquid latex? This was my first time experimenting with it, and I love it! It keeps everything so much cleaner && I don’t have to risk my designs with polish remover for the sides.

&& here’s the link to the ring. I ordered it in all 3 colors, no ragrets.

Et voila!

Enjoy this nail art tutorial!


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