Hey Simple && Sweeties,

So, your boredom and procrastination has led you to this page? There are so many other informative, humorous, and nifty (&& yes I say nifty on a regular basis) posts on this page, but you want to take it one step deeper and see for yourself what Simple && Sweet is all about? Well, I applaud you. Thanks for caring even the slightest bit why I do what I do.

One thing I’ve seen that is consistent across the blogging community is that the blogs, whether they be fashion, home decor, or even mommy blogs, tend to be a shrine to their creator. They’ll post something with an underlying tone of “look at how pretty my life is“. And like 98% of us, we escape our daily life by reading these posts and imagining how great our lives would be if we could have some of the glitz and glamour. Wouldn’t it be great to have our shiz together on that level of fabulousness?

Well, I’d hate to break it to you, but once you stop reading and look up from your phone or laptop to see the inside of your bus, classroom, or heaven forbid bathroom, you’ll realize all you did was waste 15 mins.

I don’t want S&&S to be a shrine to myself. I want to share with you things that I’ve found that can help you make your own life Simple(r) && Sweet(er). I’m not looking to be a professional model, sure my face is part of my brand, but beyond the fashion aspect, I want you to see that you can  make your life Simple && Sweet even though you’ve had a bad dating history, even though you’re a few pounds heavier than you’d like, even though you’ve failed a class (sorry Mom and Dad, love you!) or even if you just have never found the motivation to do something different.

I want to be your sister, you’re best friend, or even your role model (but go easy on this one, I’m only human and haven’t totally figured out this life thing yet ha!). If you have a question about anything, email me! You are my inspiration, and I want to find things that you’ll enjoy. Send me pins, questions, or just funny stuff. I love all of your feedback!

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me and giving me the drive to keep this Simple&&Sweet blog going!