WiFi Photo Frame

Whether you rent a WiFi box that comes with a cryptic password or are technologically handicapped (like me ha) and can’t change it, here’s an easy cheap way to make your guests feel more at home.

I’ve had friends come over to my little apartment and it’s just a matter of time before the WiFi question is asked. I don’t mind, I’m not an internet hoarder.

Accent Table Frame Focus
Like my bust? The one on my table silly, haha! I’ve named her Felicia so that when I leave my house I can yell, “bye Felicia!” over my shoulder. Find her in the S&&S Shop along with the candlesticks and this box sign!

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what my password is.

The internet and I have a different understanding of what a “word” is. A password to me is SarahRules1 or SarahIsAwesome…not lghfd78sadfgshd8273

I don’t speak internet I guess…

Anyway, this hack makes function fashionable. The concept can be made with any frame and any font format.

What you need:

Frame (8×10)

Knowledge of your password

Word Doc or hand-drawn print cut to frame (8×10)

yeah…that’s it!

Wifi Frame2

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