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I’m back from my 2 month hiatus. Sorry for that. It’s been a wild summer. I lived in 3 places in that span and I’m still in the process of moving into my new studio apartment. If you’ve followed my sparse snapchat stories, you’d know that #hobochic was my motto.

This is my senior year, can you believe that? I can’t. Life is going by so quickly!

And despite how the rest of college has gone, I’ve somehow managed to make life pretty on paper. School is good. I’m enjoying my job. And my lovelife has someone pretty awesome in it. I think that means my bases are covered right?

Just a little update: I’m taking three fascinating classes, have a job in the Fitzsimmons lab on campus, and have found myself in one of those relationship things with a guy I’m kinda crazy about. I know right? Shocker! I’m finally not taking a crap-ton of classes. I’ve never thought myself interested in chemistry, but it’s making me second-guess my plans for law school. And I’m finding that I’m enjoying spending time with someone other than my cat. And I think the reason we get along so well is because we are both old souls. We keep mauling over our mortality anytime we do something that would upset the 15 year old versions of ourselves. That gave me the inspiration for this post. These are just a handful of the things that definitely have made me realize I’m over the threshold of adulthood. Enjoy!

You don’t know what the latest dance craze is…

And frankly don’t care.


You have the power  to buy pounds on pounds of candy, but you don’t.

When my parents denied me a second piece of candy as a kid, I made a promise to myself that when I was old enough I’d buy my weight in candy and eat it all! Well, I did buy a Sam’s size bag of candy coming to college. It took me 3 months to finish. I’m sure my 6 year old self was gravely disappointed.


You respect people who read daily.

Those people went from uncool nerds to people who have their life straight.


Your mail is now bills and coupons.

Remember pen pals and letters from Grandma? Getting mail with your name on it meant someone loved you. Now, it just means you are being seduced with flashy pictures of juicy burgers that are discounted just for your wallet…or they just flat out say, hey where’s my money like little legal paper gangsters.
Remember this “Bill” from Capitol Hill? I wish we could veto electricity bills.


A child has called you Ma’am/Sir.

The first time this happened, I didn’t realize the girl was taking to me.


Treating yourself means appliances, shoes, and electronics… not cake, candy, and cookies.

There is nothing more satisfying than buying a new gizmo, installing it, and standing back with a legal beer to admire your handiwork.


Given the option of a salad vs a snickers for lunch, you’ll go for the chicken ceasar.

Now you understand why your parents didn’t let you do it as a kid.


You’ve used your hard-earned cash to buy cleaning supplies… and find that you actually enjoy cleaning

And the good stuff is actually kind of expensive. Props to those brand-loyal households.


You realize your parents are superheros, parenting is hardest adult-job ever created. 

I’ll never understand how we emphasize testing the adequacy of people’s driving abilities before letting them operate a motor vehicle yet anyone past puberty can become a parent. Scary thought huh?


A pet depends solely on only you for survival. 

Even though I’m sure if I died, my cat would move on, eat my face and get a new owner just because he’s cute.


You have a rough understanding of taxes, credit, 401k’s and stocks as they now apply to your life.

Why were these not classes in high school? Is the Pythagorean equation ever going to apply to my life outside of carpentry?



You now introduce yourself as your occupation/major and not with your favorite color/food. 

Could you imagine the look on another adult’s face if you said, “Hi, my name is Sarah and I like tacos.” I mean, you could do that. But instead of remembering your name, they may just call you the taco girl.


You’ve blown off fun plans to do laundry.

It’s a legitimate, honest reason to leave the party early. It also would, however, greatly disappoint my 12 year old self who envisioned being the it-girl in my MTV fantasy university.


You understand that good wine shouldn’t be slapped or come out of a box.

And sometimes, when there is a reason to celebrate (or cry), you don’t mind spending more than $10 on a bottle.


You’ve scheduled, attended, and paid for your own doctor’s appointment.

Thank goodness the campus clinic has signs directing you through the building. It’s like they knew we were clueless children who needed some guidance into adulthood.


You schedule in time for a nap.

Seriously, check my planner. I love those days when you find a spare hour or two between obligations. I think back to preschool, I wish I had appreciated nap time. Maybe if I had actually napped, I wouldn’t have such a sleep deficit in adulthood.


You don’t feel at-home on playgrounds.

This works for both men and women, but for different reasons. I avoid playgrounds with small children because I don’t wan someone assuming I’m a mother…trust me, I’m nowhere near qualified for that. And It’s just best for men to not hang around playgrounds watching children unless they are actually yours.


And lastly…

You only give a f*ck when the situation earns it.

Every little detail of life can’t be controlled, not everyone will like you, and sometimes crap hits the fan.

Adults know that it takes a lot of effort to give a damn about everything, so they save their energy.

Adults just look life in the eye and say…

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